Values and Code of Conduct


Our school is very special because we share it with each other:
our teachers and our principal, Anglophones and Francophones, together we are a really big family.

A positive attitude helps us to be happy at school and to be good learners. We show respect for others.

We are responsible students. We attend school because we want to socialize and be educated.


♦  Kindness and respect of others is everyone’s responsibility.
♦  A healthy breakfast is a good way to start the day.
♦  For everyone’s safety, caution and courtesy is needed on the bus, in the schoolyard and on the sidewalk.
♦  Work diligently and listen carefully in class.


  • I don’t swear or use vulgar language.

  • I always make an effort to do my assignments and to obey and respect my teachers.

  • I circulate quietly all the time (classroom, corridors, cafeteria, wash rooms).

  • I am silent in the library.

  • I am never allowed to play in the woods or in front of the school.

  • I never push anyone.

  • Fights and play fights are not allowed.

  • All forms of bullying are strictly forbidden.

  • I never throw objects such as: snowballs, food, pine cones, rocks, or branches, etc.

  • I use the garbage pails to keep my school and environment clean.

  • I don’t chew gum on the school property.

  • I leave all toys at home.

  • I leave all personal technological devices at home (Ipod, Ipod touch, cell phone, MP3 player, camera, etc.).

  • I arrive on time at school and in class with all required materials.

  • I have a school bag to transport my school belongings.

  • I wear the school t-shirt and black shorts for my physical education classes.

  • I wear the school t-shirt for school outings.

  • When I am absent, a parent phones the school as early as possible to explain my absence.

  • I must have a note signed by my parent/guardian if I am not going home the usual way.

  • I never leave the school or the schoolyard without permission.

  • After school, I get ready for departure quickly.

  • If I walk home, I leave the schoolyard immediately using the sidewalk.


I benefit from two periods of recess (morning and lunch time) and one lunch period of 30 minutes a day.


♦ I will go to the washroom first and then go quickly to my locker to get dressed, get my healthy snack and go outside.

♦  Outside, I eat my snack, I play or talk with my friends in the assigned area and I follow the rules.

♦  When the bell rings, I enter the building as quietly as possible and go to my class quickly.

♦  Snow pants are required for K, 1, 2, & 3 students and for Gr.4, 5, & 6 students who want to slide or play in the snow.


♦  I will go to the washroom first and wash my hands.

♦  I get my snack, then I go back to my classroom and play quiet games or read


♦  I go calmly to the cafeteria.
♦  I go to the washroom and wash my hands and return to my table.
♦  I sit properly at the table during the meal.
♦  I speak calmly and speak in a normal tone of voice during the meal
♦  I raise my hand to ask for help.
♦  I obey the orders given by the lunch hour supervisors.
♦  I am polite and courteous with supervisors and cafeteria personnel.
♦  After the meal, I make sure that my table is clean, I take care of my own garbage. I leave the cafeteria calmly when instructed.


I have two choices for snacks and lunch hour meal.
I can bring a lunch or snack from home or buy them at the cafeteria.


I should bring a balanced lunch that includes the four food groups.
Because I’m aware that at school some students are severely allergic, with my parents help, I make sure that my food does not include nuts, peanuts or fish.


  • My name is written on my belongings, so there is less risk of losing them.

  • I am proud to be clean, my hair is always combed and I am dressed appropriately.

  • My shorts, skirt are below my fingers when standing straight.

  • My dress or camisole straps are at least 5 cm wide.

  • Make up is not permitted.

  • In grades 1 to 6, I always have clean gym clothes and a bag to keep them in my locker.

  • I have 2 pairs of shoes, one for inside, and one for outside.

  • I wear my shoes at all times and I ensure that they are properly tied.

  • I wear boots and warm clothing when it is required.


Being proud of oneself and seeing others happy is perhaps the best reward one could think of. Of course it is important to have positive reinforcements such as:

● Reward activities provided by the school
● Rewards provided by teachers
● End of year prizes
● Good citizen trophy (Firemen’s Award -Gr. 6 and 6e année)
● Arline Bleser trophy (Diligence Award–Gr. 6)
● The Marilyn Boudrias (trophy for showing respect to others and for caring – Gr.6)
● Patricia Harvey trophy (perseverance- 6e)
● Heather Larocque trophy (Literacy Award Gr. 4,5,6)
● Day trips and special outings
● Fonds d’Appréciation duPrimaire Davignon (VDC)
● Pauline Quinlan Math Award (Gr. 6 & 6e)
● Mariette Marchand Award (ESL)


Parents will be informed in the case of a major or repeated infractions of the school rules and the consequence could be:

● Exclusion from certain activities
● Reflection work
● Recess or after school detention
● An individualized plan to change behavior
● A school suspension for a set period of time (in school or at home).
● All unauthorized toys and devices will be confiscated by the school.


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