School Profile

École de Sutton School is a joint venture between Commission Scolaire du Val-des-Cerfs (CSVDC) and Eastern Townships School Board (ETSB). Our students share the same buses, cafeteria, library, gymnasium and playground, and participate in the same extra-curricular activities.  The teaching and support staff are hired by their respective Boards, but the Principal is responsible for both.  This school model is consistent with the thinking of the people of this area.  The school reflects the values of the Sutton community. We are proud of our beautiful school which sits high on a hill with fabulous panoramic views.



(includes both sectors)

  • 3 Kindergarten classes 
  • 12 regular classrooms 
  • Computer lab
  • Municipal and School library
  • Large gymnasium
  • Daycare
  • Cafeteria


Student Enrolment: 210 (51 ETSB)

Number of staff:          35   (13 ETSB)