Academic Programs


Curriculum Program

  • Bilingual Kindergarten
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology
  • Music , Art and Drama
  • Health and Physical Education
  • French Second Language
  • Social Studies, taught in French
  • Physical Ed. and Art, taught in French


Special Needs Education

We believe in the potential of each one of our students.  Any adaptation, modification and help will be given to students who require it. All students, including the ones with special learning needs, are included in our regular activities. Our students teach us so much about determination, kindness, compassion and so much more. We are lucky to have these great values within our community!


Computers are integrated into student programs from Kindergarten to Grade six, and access to the Internet is available in all the classrooms.


The Enhanced Learning Strategy is well in place. Cycle 2 and 3 students have their own laptop computer provided to them by ETSB as well as access to iPads.