Educational Project

handwrit1[1]École de Sutton School’s educational plan follows the Ministère de l’Éducation threefold mission to instruct, to socialize, to qualify as well as the ETSB’s 2013-2018 Strategic Plan.

Our Education Project is composed of one orientation and six objectives. The different means used are presented in our school’s success plan /MESA.

Within the framework of our bilingual and nature-centered environment, the set of values we hold as important are respect, perseverance and citizenship.


To ensure the academic, social and personal development of each student to his / her full potential


Objective 1.1 | To increase cycle 3 students’ numeracy skills

Objective 1.2 | To increase cycle 3 students’ ELA reading and writing skills and FSL fluency skills

Objective 1.3 | To improve individual results in reading of our identified special needs students at the end of cycles 2 & 3 (academic IEP’s)

Objective 1.4 | To create an environment which fosters student success.

Objective 1.5 | To develop and maintain events and instances that bring both sectors together.

Objective 1.6 | To develop and maintain good working relationships with families, community partners and the school.