School Receives 6 000.$ Cheque


The school has received a cheque of  6000.$ from the foundation Le Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie. In the Spring, we will receive the second installment of  1 500.$  Our school was sponsored last year by the  ALT HÔTELS/STELLA JONES/ GLP team that participated in the 1000km biking challenge. We will now proceed to purchase sports equipment to improve our offer of service of daily physical activities.

Here are a few examples of the items we will buy:

  • balls for soccer, football, rugby, basketball, handball, tchoukball
  • frisbees (foam & ultimate)
  • nets for badminton, basketball, hockey & soccer goals
  • safety glasses
  • jumping mats
  • goaler equipment
  • school golf kit
  • pilo polo kit
  • broomball sticks
  • flag football belts, flags
  • small ajustable hurdles
  • saucers for winter sliding
  • hoops